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Rapper Presto Flo Falls Into Ocean During Photo Shoot (Video)

Rapper Presto Flo was recently posing for some promotional pictures on a seawall in Clearwater, Florida, when he fell into the ocean.

The photo shoot took place on a windy day and was filmed by Xtra Medium Productions, which posted it on YouTube where it has over 1 million views (video below).

According to WTSP, Flo landed on an oyster bed and suffered cuts to his hand and leg.

He was taken to a local ER where he was bandaged up, but soon returned to the studio.

In more rapper news, Kanye West urged people to vote in the midterm elections today on Twitter based on his meeting with President Obama.

According to, West tweeted:

Me and my wife met with President Obama two weeks ago

I'm supporting the Democratic ticket in these midterms

The midterms are extremely important

I know it’s last minute, but if you haven’t voted, please vote today

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