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Rapper Paul Wall Loses 100 Pounds

Rapper Paul Wall told Ozone magazine in an upcoming issue that he recently had a Gastric Sleeve procedure to help him lose weight. After losing 100 pounds, the rapper couldn't be happier with the results.

“[My weight] has been up and down my whole life, so I wanted to do something to permanently fix the problem,” Paul explained in an interview for Ozone via Vibe, “With the gastric sleeve, you typically lose 80 percent of your excess fat. I lost 100 pounds with it, so that’s putting me in a more healthy weight class.”

With a drug addiction past behind him, which led him to become overweight, Paul outweighed his options before deciding on the method - which is a serious procedure.

“Since going back and forth on the drugs for years and taking diet pills, my metabolism was really gone. So I decided to go with the gastric sleeve, because it’s a little more serious than the lap band,” which Paul explained only helps to shed about 50 percent of excess weight.

And as if the gastric sleeve wasn't enough, Paul wanted to ensure that he would indeed lose weight, so doctors also “cut out the hormones that make you hungry. So I actually don’t even get hungry anymore.”

I don't know how I would feel about that, not being hungry anymore. But it doesn't matter what I think or feel, because Paul has gotten his life back and is happier than ever.

“I feel like I got my life back. When you’re so big like that, it’s embarrassing. I didn’t want to go out and be seen. I felt uncomfortable because I’m not used to being that big. People would see me and say something about it, because it was no secret. I was morbidly obese,” Paul gushed to Ozone magazine.

Now that he's got his eating under control, he just needs to add the other aspect of living a healthy out.

“I’ve probably worked out twice since I had [the surgery] and that was just a light workout!”


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