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Rapper AP.9 Claims to have Nude Pics of Coco

Rapper AP.9 has been in the news lately for photos of him snuggling up to married reality star and showgirl Coco. 

Coco is married to rapper Ice-T, and the two seemed to be happily married until these questionable photos were released.

In the pictures, Coco is seen nestling into AP.9's arms at a club. Another photo features AP.9 planting a kiss on her cheek, while another one is of him wrapping his arms around her waist. 

Coco probably thought the ordeal was over, but now AP.9 is threatening to release nude photos he claims to have of her. 

A source close to the situation told RadarOnline that "AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a private room in Vegas, and that in some of them she's on a bed, totally naked."

"He's been putting feelers out to see if people want to buy pictures and he's claiming they're really salacious and that a lot more happened with Coco than just them posing in a night club."

When the first round of photos came out of Coco snuggling up to AP.9, her husband Ice-T was not happy about it. He took to Twitter to release his anger, saying "Don't get it twisted…I'm not happy about this s***."

He also said of the photos: "Most of them are disrespectful and in bad taste. She's made me look…and feel like s***."

While no one knows exactly what AP.9 plans to do with the nude photos, if he even has them, it's safe to say Ice-T is not too happy about this situation either. 


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