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Rapper 50 Cent Wants to See Lindsay Lohan's C**Ch

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has shared that he is anxious to see Lindsay Lohan naked in her Playboy spread.

Lohan stripped down for the Marilyn-Monroe-style photos and now it seems even fellow celebrities can’t wait to get a glimpse at the actress fully nude.

Rapper 50 Cent shared his curiosity, stating, “I always wondered what Lindsay’s c**ch looked like. Ever thought about it? I’ll check it out and see what happens.”

50 also thinks it is wild that Hugh Hefner paid Lindsay $1 million to strip naked.

The rapper adds, “$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less.

“If they give you $1 million, does that change the status of what you’ve done? If I pay $100 to see a c**ch, is it the same thing as paying a $1 million when you’re a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?”


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