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Rapper 50 Cent Enters Hospital for Surgery

Curtis Jackson, best known as rapper 50 Cent, was admitted to the hospital for surgery.

The rapper took to twitter on Wednesday and posted photos of himself lying in a hospital bed.

50 Cent said he was heading into surgery, but did not disclose the reason for the operation.

DJ Drama told that Fifty was suffering from a “stomach virus”, but of course that doesn’t explain the surgery!

“First they wanted to keep it quiet, but he’s not a quiet guy,” Drama said of 50, adding, “He should be cool. It’s nothing that serious. We still gonna do our promo run stuff [Thursday].”

50 joked that working so hard with Drama caused his illness, tweeting, “Do not do a @djdrama gangsta grillz this is all I get. Ain’t this a b*tch. I give 15 tracks you give me this.”

The rapper also tweeted about his record with Kidd Kidd called, “Niggas Be Schemin.”

G-Unit lady lyricist tweeted about 50, writing, “We will NOT be on Hot97 tonight. My boss man is ill. Please keep @50cent in your prayers. Thank u! Get Well Soon My G!”


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