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The Internet Gets Creative with Mel Gibson Tapes

Yes, it's horrible to hear Gibson threaten his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva - so what better way to deal with our horror than to mock Gibson on the Internet? recently compiled the top ten remixes of Mel Gibson's now-infamous recorded rants.  Among the remixes: a "phone call" between an apoplectic Gibson and a livid Christian Bale (from a recording of Bale losing his temper on the set of Terminator 4 last February); a marmot listening to Gibson's rant, which seems to startle the little animal quite a bit; and a dance remix, complete with South Park's animation of Gibson pirouetting in his underwear while firing a gun.

The fun doesn't stop there. Even more remixes and parodies have since sprung up. A cat can only endure so much of Gibson's yelling before he decides it's time to leave the room:

The pop-culture website Buzzfeed has combined the top 20 worst Gibson quotes with pictures of fuzzy, adorable kittens. One commenter wrote, "My soul is crying a bit."

Mel's rant is inserted into a (formerly) touching scene from his movie "What Women Want" with Helen Hunt:

An emotional guy in eyeliner exhorts us to leave Mel Gibson alone:

Gossip and media site Gawker has created word clouds from Gibson's rants. I'd list the words that come up the most often (and therefore are shown in the largest font size in the cloud), but they're all too obscene. The cloud looks very pretty, though... until you start reading it.

A hamster hand puppet berates a little white teddy bear:

At the Village Voice, you can consult this handy flow chart to see which Mel Gibson quotes apply to the various situations you might find yourself encountering in your day-to-day life.

As more of these repugnant tapes are released, hopefully there'll be even more parodies and reimaginings of Gibson's vile words. Wait, scratch that - hopefully there aren't any more tapes. Like the commenter above, my soul is also crying.


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