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Country Music Star Randy Travis' Wife Catches Him Cheating

Country singer Randy Travis may be heading for divorce after he is rumored to be having an affair with his dentist’s wife.

Randy Travis has been married for 18 years to his manager Libby Hatcher. But is the country crooner stepping out on his older wife?

Travis’ wife told friends that she caught her husband cheating with his dentist's wife!

Libby believes Travis, 41, has been having an affair with Mary Beougher, a mother of two, who is 51 years old.

Randy’s wife Libby, 69, is reportedly devastated after placing a spy camera on her husband’s tour bus that caught him cheating with Mary.

A friend states, “Randy owes his entire career to Lib. She’s heartbroken.”

Libby became suspicious when she noticed her husband flirting with Mary at her husband Dr. Ritchie Beougher’s Willow Bend Dental office in Plano, Texas.

“Ritchie was cleaning Libby’s teeth,” the source stated. “Randy and Mary took a walk outside.”

Mary flew to Oklahoma and reportedly hooked up with Randy on his tour bus in March.

“Lib planted a secret camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught him and Mary red-handed,” the source said.

“It’s awful. Lib’s the one who made Randy famous. Now he’s throwing her away.”

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