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Randy Jackson No Longer Judge for 'American Idol'

Randy Jackson is officially leaving the judge table at "American Idol," according to TMZ. Jackson will remain on the show, however, as a mentor to the contestants. 

Sources from the show say they have some concern over Jackon's new role, as they feel he is not well-suited for being a mentor. But keeping him on the show was essential to producers. 

His replacement is still up in the air. Sources say that Nicki Minaj's deal is nearly complete, but it is not for sure yet. 

Mariah Carey has voiced her negative opinions about Minaj, but producers think it will make for good television if there is some tension between two judges. 

For the third seat, American Idol producers have hinted that they want a country music star. Some sources say Keith Urban may be a possible candidate. 

The fourth seat is still being debated, so it looks like the show has a lot of details to iron out. 

While Idol wanted Diddy or Kanye West to fill some seats, they have declined their offers. 


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