Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler to Return to 'American Idol'


Jennifer Lopez might still be on the fence as to whether or not she’ll be returning to the next season of American Idol, but Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have just confirmed that they’ll be reclaiming their coveted judging seats.

Well, that’s not bad . . . 2 out of the 3. But J Lo? Come on, girl! We need ya’ back! You — along with Tyler — added some sparkle and pizzazz and class to the show that was extremely refreshing. It was a formula that worked.

However, with a star as popular and busy as J Lo, it wouldn’t come as a shock to learn she has other plans and, therefore, will be forced to wave goodbye to the Idol stage. If it comes down to that, let’s just hope the producers find a worthy replacement.

How did you feel about the team dynamics/chemistry between last season’s judges? Would you like to see all of them back?


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