Ramin Setoodeh writes for Newsweek. According to Kristin Chenoweth, who I will talk about later, Ramin is gay. The fact that he is gay makes his article even more distressing.

n his article he talks about Sean Hayes' performance as a straight man in the play in which he stars with Kristin. Ramin basically says that when a gay man is known to be gay, he can't play a straight character.

This is such crap. If someone is a good enough actor, they can play straight, gay, or anything else. I could watch Neil Patrick Harris star in a gay porno, and then have no doubts he is straight as soon as I watch him in How I Met Your Mother or Harold & Kumar.

There are lots of other examples, too. When someone writes an article as destructive as the one Ramin wrote, all he is doing is making sure that actors stay closeted for fear of hurting their careers. The actors in question then have to hide who they really are, which makes people who are not actors question whether they should be open or try to hide. It is a vicious circle.

Kristin Chenoweth wrote a much harsher response than me to Ramin's article and for that I stand up an applaud. I have always loved Kristin and now I love her that much more.


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