Radio Station Promotes Lewd Act In Ticket Giveaway, Apologizes


A radio station in Chile recently gave away tickets to Mysteryland, an electronic dance music festival.

To win the tickets, a female listener came to the 40 Principales station and performed what is known as a "rim job" on DJ Paul Hip live on the air on Dec. 17, noted Gawker (warning: nudity).

After the woman licked his anal area, Hip invited other ladies to come to the station and kiss her to win more free tickets.

The radio station posted a picture of Hip with his pants down and the woman with her mouth against his bare behind on Twitter, but later deleted it. However, the NSFW picture was copied and circulated on the web.

BuzzFeed posted a translation of the radio station's apology:

Dear Listeners,

Following an image that was published on social media, that shows one of our listeners taking a challenge to get tickets for a festival, we would like to communicate the following:

- The “40 Principales” team apologizes to all the people that were offended for the image published.

- We want to clarify that the challenge done by our listener was absolutely voluntary and proposed by her, as part of a contest that was open to anyone who wanted to take part of it.
- Also, we are sorry for our mistake on accepting that challenge.

We hope that you understand that this was during a playful context and there wasn’t bad intentions, and intention to offend or denigrate our audience.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Gawker
Image Credit: 40 Principales Radio Station


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