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Rachel Uchitel and Jeremy London a Couple?

The whole Jeremy London thing about him being kidnapped is really starting to tick me off. I believe the man he has accused of kidnapping him and "almost murdering him," is still sitting in jail while Jeremy London is running around making money on Celebrity Rehab and sleeping with Rachel Uchitel.

Yes, you read it right. The woman who somehow knows Michael Lohan and slept with the married Tiger Woods and the married David Boreanaz is also suspected of sleeping with Jeremy London. Although Jeremy is married, I think we can pretty much call that one over, and at this point he can sleep with anyone and not be a cheater. The issue is why would anyone actually sleep with him.

Radar has an interview with his drug-abusing soon-to-be-ex-wife, and she says she thinks Rachel and Jeremy are doing the horizontal bop. Jeremy says he is just friends with Rachel, and that his soon-to-be-ex is crazy. He thinks Rachel is amazing, though, so think what you want.

“Rachel is an amazing, intelligent and sensitive person; she’s a human being with human feelings. I’m very protective of Rachel because of our friendship. She’s been wrongfully persecuted by the media, and because of what the media has done to me after I was nearly murdered, I relate to her.”

Umm, how has she been wrongfully persecuted? Did she sleep with a married guy and collect $10M for keeping her mouth shut? Where is the persecution?


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