Rachel Uchitel Believed David Boreanaz "Was Deeply in Love With Me"

Rachel Uchitel gave an interview to E!, and in the interview she discussed her affair with David Boreanaz, but true to her agreement with Tiger Woods, chose not to answer any questions about the golfer.

She says that she knew David was married when she started dating him. She also knew David's wife was pregnant. She said she believed David when he told her he was not happy in his marriage.

"It was a situation where I was deeply in love with somebody and he was deeply in love with me. You never know what you're being told — no matter who you are, no matter what relationship you're in — you never really know if the person is really being honest with you. I took a chance and I bet on the wrong horse."

I think any time you decide to date a man you know is married, you are betting on the wrong horse. It is one thing to not know, but if you date a guy who is married and he has a child on the way, that bet is never going to come in.

Apparently Rachel did not learn her lesson, considering that Tiger was also married with kids, which she knew when she started dating him.


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