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R. Kelly Slammed on Twitter While Promoting New 'Black Panties' CD

Singer R. Relly tried to promote his new CD on Twitter yesterday, but the publicity stunt turned into a nightmare.

In an effort to promote his CD "Black Panties," R. Kelly tweeted: "I want all my fans and everyone out there to know that this is REALLY me answering your questions, so fire away #AskRKelly #BlackPanties."

The singer apparently forgot about the negative publicity surrounding past allegations of child pornography and his 2008 trial. He was acquitted of all 14 counts, but his defense team made numerous bizarre claims, even comparing a witness to Satan, noted The New York Times.

Many Twitter users recalled the scandal and fired away, notes


Hey @rkelly is there such a thing as too young for you? And what would that be - 5, 6? #AskRKelly

I got a cousins birthday coming up what are are 7 year old into now a days? #AskRKelly

So @rkelly only answered 16 questions,the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

I heard the original title was called "Lil Black Panties". True? #AskRKelly #BlackPanties

How have you managed to stay off of To Catch a Predator, @rkelly? #AskRKelly

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