Quote of the Day: Ringo says The Beatles were 'Lucky to have Him'


After 50 or so years of constantly being asked what it's like to have worked with floppy faced Paul McCartney and the other slighty less alive members of The Beatles, it's not surprising Ringo seems to have become the most enormous hippy.

Not that he wasn't before, but when all people want to know is 'how come the others were good and you were sh*t?' it must take the most gargantuan effort not to just flip out all the time, which has led him to just say 'peace' at anything and everything he's asked.

Makes for interesting reading, we tell you.

Anyway, the drummer recently spoke to Daily Mail magazine Live about how wonderful his life was, explaining how he doesn't hate Yoko anymore and why Liverpool is full of miserable bastards with no sense of humour.

‘I was with Yoko and Olivia in Iceland in October for the celebration to mark what would have been John’s 70th birthday. She and my wife Barbara are really good friends. She got up on stage with me on my birthday. We’re all OK together.

'I did the Jonathan Ross show and he said, “Is there anything you miss about Liverpool?” I said, “No.” I was being flippant. It was funny. I thought the whole of Liverpool would laugh. It didn’t. There were complaints to the BBC. Somebody vandalised a Beatles tribute in the city, cutting his head off.'

Of course, none of this is in any way relevant to your interests. What you want to hear is how he was the big deal, the man that The Beatles were lucky to have:

‘Within Liverpool I was a lot more well known than them. Rory and The Hurricanes [his old band] were big shots in the city. We had suits. That was our claim to fame.’

‘Yeah. They were lucky to get me. It wasn’t just that I was a big shot; I was a cool drummer. Brian Epstein asked if I would play a lunchtime at the Cavern with them. That’s how I got started.’

'The moptops, the style you see around you on the wall, was all transient, but the records are still holding up. The remasters are great – because you can hear the drums. The drums are up, brother.’

Well, in his defense, at least he's still alive.


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