Queen Latifah Quietly Comes Out: Canoodles with Girlfriend on Yacht


It seems Queen Latifah has come out of the closet – in a sense.

Queen Latifah has pretty much kept her sexuality under wraps, meaning she hasn’t gone public with the fact that she is gay. However, it IS widely known. Latifah and girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins were spotted recently on a yacht wit newlyweds Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, openly showing their affections toward one another.

These photos are what started the whole “Queen Latifah Comes Out” rumors on the net. So no, Queen Latifah has not “officially” come out, but it does seem that she just doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks anymore. And good for her!

I’ve long been a fan of Queen Latifah…since her U-N-I-T-Y days. STILL love her, and always will.



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