Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding Hat Sells for $130K

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Princess Beatrice‘s toilet seat with fancy clip-ons, apologies, I meant to say wedding fascinator, has sold.  Yes, the hat that launched a thousand smirks at Prince William’s wedding, was placed for sale on Ebay.

In even further ‘fascinating’ news, the auction was a success. Someone is paying big bucks to own the Phillip Treacy-designed headpiece, that is a talking piece.

The final figure reached 81,100 British Pounds, which equates to approximately $US130,000.

Stress not. The funds received at auction are ‘spearheaded’ for charities nominated by Princess Beatrice. Beneficiaries to gain will be both UNICEF UK and Children in Crisis via the Princess Little Bee Initiative Campaign.

Who the harbinger of good taste to win the auction is, remains anonymous. Can you blame them? Hats off to them.


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