Prince William Quitting Rescue Team to be with Pregnant Kate Middleton


Prince William and his pregnant wife, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton are busy preparing for the impending birth of their first child.

The prince is reportedly leaving his job at the RAF Valley – a search-and-rescue helicopter unit based in Anglesey, Wales.   His work keeps him away from Kate for as many as 10 24-hour shifts each month, it is not the ideal position for a father to be. People is reporting while William has said he loves his work with the RAF, he loves his wife and baby-to-be even more.

As the baby’s birth comes closer (the baby is due in July), the couple, who are always smiling when they are together, are said to be even closer. Is that even possible? The couple always seemed close – only now it’s much more pronounced Kate became pregnant.

While Prince William is said to be leaving his job, Kate is working hard with up to five royal appearances a week. The Duchess is said to stop working in mid June.


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