Prince William & Kate Middleton Moving into Princess Diana’s Former Home


Prince William, 28,  and his new wife Kate Middleton, 29, will be living in the home that William lived with his brother Prince Harry when his mother Princess Diana was alive. The couple, who married April 29th, 2011, will be moving to London’s Kensington Palace and using it as their starter home while they are in London.  Their main home will continue to be in Anglesey, north Wales because William works there as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot.

The couple currently live with Prince Harry, 26, but are moving out.  A spokesman confirmed, “We can confirm that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official London residence will temporarily become a property at Kensington Palace. A number of options for longer term solutions are still being considered. The couple’s main home will continue to be their house on Anglesey, and their Household Office will continue to be based at St James’s Palace.”

They are expected to move in to the Palace in June or July this year.  Nice starter house; I have been outside Kensington Palace and the place is magnificent and sits on a beautiful property.  Lucky them!  They are expected to live there about one year until they can find somewhere more permanent.


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