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Prince William Joins Rescue Mission

Prince William co-piloted a Sea King helicopter which rescued two people after a cargo ship split and sank in the stormy Irish Sea this morning, November 27, 2011, according toPeople.

The Duke of Cambridge, who qualified as an RAF Search and Rescue Force co-pilot last September, helped with the daring mission in gale-force winds.

While the Prince was able to save 2 men, one man died and 5 other crew members remain missing.

The Swanland freighter, which was carrying around 3,000 tons of limestone, sent out a mayday call at around 2am.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: “The Duke of Cambridge was a co-pilot on one of the aircraft involved. He is now back at base.”

This is not Prince William’s first time being hailed a hero, he was also involved in a rescue mission last year, involving a man who was having a heart attack.


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