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No Servants for Prince William and Kate Middleton

It looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to be just like us – for a while anyway. William and his fiance, Kate Middleton, have decided to pass on servants – temporarily anyway.

Butlers and household staff of the royal life will be placed on hold for a bit, according to London’s Daily Telegraph.

William and Kate already do their own cooking, cleaning and shopping at the rented cottage where they spend weekends together off the northwest coast of Wales. They plan to continue that lifestyle at least until William finishes his three-year tour of duty as an RAF search and rescue pilot.

The couple have bodyguards to protect them and will continue to have bodyguards.

This is yet another sign of how “real” the Prince and soon-to-be Princess really are.

What do you think about Prince William and Kate Middleton doing the mundane tasks of housework themselves??


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