Prince to Take Over 'The Arsenio Hall Show' (Video)


Rock icon Prince will be the only guest of “The Arsenio Hall Show” on March 5.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Prince invited himself on the show via a letter that was delivered on the air by the singer’s “clone,” who did not speak (video below).

“‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ has always been so welcoming to us in the past, and we wanted to return that favor,” Hall read from Prince’s letter.

“Just say the word and we will bring our whole crew over to your place and do a performance you will never forget," Hall continued. "Just in case you haven’t heard, I’ve been practicing and I’ve gotten pretty good now. If that’s cool, we’d like to come in next week, perhaps Wednesday. Have your people contact my people and we’ll invite some more people, like all of America.”

“Hey Prince, I don’t have people,” Hall stated to the camera. “The answer is Yes! Thank you, and we’ll see him Wednesday.”

In October 2013, Prince hosted an all-night pajama party at his house to promote his "Breakfast Can Wait" video.

According to, Prince, his band 3rdEyeGirl and the audience all wore pajamas.

Earlier this month, Prince guest-starred on the Super Bowl episode of the TV show "New Girl."

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and


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