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Prince Sues 22 Fans for $1 Million Each for Linking to Bootleg Music Online

Prince has always fought for control of his music, even against record companies that he's had contracts with.

He has also fiercely cracked down on any unauthorized uploading and downloading of his tunes on the web.

According to Tech Dirt, Prince has sued websites, sent legal letters to fan sites that used his photos, sued musicians for a tribute album, ordered takedowns for as little as 6 seconds of his songs and has now filed lawsuits against 22 fans for one million dollars each.

The 22 fans reportedly posted links to bootleg recordings of Prince concerts, reports Antiquiet.

According to Tech Dirt, Prince's lawyer Rhonda Trotter is suing for direct copyright infringement, but the lawsuit doesn't describe any actual direct copyright infringement.

Linking to a website that holds bootleg tunes might be considered "indirect copyright infringement," but there is also what is called a "safe haven" for websites that link to unauthorized content.

Tech Dirt also notes that Prince's lawsuit is asking a court for "actual damages" and "statutory damages," but legally he can only sue for one or the other, not both.

For the "actual damages," Prince is claiming the bootleg songs are worth $1 million, but since they have not been released that may be hard to prove.

Sources: Antiquiet and Tech Dirt


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