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Prince Harry’s Security Guards in Trouble for his Naked Vegas Trip

Prince Harry’s security team are in hot water for not wrangling the ginger prince in during his wild trip to Las Vegas.

An insider revealed, “Harry’s team acted like a bunch of amateurs.”

The Royal Family isn’t very happy that Prince Harry’s security guards didn’t do more to stop his game of strip billiards.

Prince Harry brought a group of bikini-clad women back to his VIP suite at the Encore hotel and his security team didn’t even ask for the women’s cell phones.

One of Harry’s new friends began taking photos and all the prince’s handlers said was, “Awww, come on … no photos,” but were worried about enjoying themselves at the party.

The royal family hasn’t commented on pics of the prince in his birthday suit, but the photos have been banned in Britain, on breach of privacy grounds.

Prince Harry, a military helicopter pilot on leave during his crazy weekend in Las Vegas, will definitely have some explaining to do to the military.

“He will be reprimanded [by the army]. Officers should never bring the Service into disrepute, whether on or off duty,” a senior military source says.

“This display of social misbehavior has raised eyebrows.”


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