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Prince Harry Parties in Las Vegas

Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, partied in Vegas this past weekend with a group of friends.

Wearing red swim trunks and a white fedora, Prince Harry and his group lived it up at Wet Republic. Apparently, Prince Harry went largely unnoticed by the hundreds of people in attendance, but there were a few folks that recognized that they were in the presence of royalty. Or perhaps they just noticed the handsome guy walking around with a huge security guard?

His Royal Highness wasn’t the only notable name gracing the pool this weekend. Jennifer Lopez was also at Wet Republic for a pre-planned appearance, though she didn’t spend any time with Harry.

Prince Harry is reportedly having one last hurrah before being deployed for a second time. The first time he was deployed, US and Australian news sites revealed the location of Harry and his fellow soldiers, forcing the British military to withdraw him from action so as not to endanger himself and his platoon.


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