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Monaco's Prince Albert Cheating on Bride-to-Be? She Wants Out

Apparently it does not matter to Charlene Wittstock if you are royalty or not. If you cheat on her she is gone. Talk about a runaway bride. I did not go to the Bradley Cooper school of French so mine is pretty lousy. But, what I gather from reading L'Express is that Charlene wanted to leave the Prince and fly back home to South Africa but was stopped at the airport by French officials and persuaded to return.

Nothing worse than having a royal wedding be canceled. Can you imagine Kate deciding a week before the wedding that she decided not to go through with it. Well, Monaco is not exactly England, but Prince Albert is still Grace Kelly's child so there is some relation to celebrity and stardom.

I say good for Charlene. She converted to Catholicism, learned French, and has had to listen to every Prince Albert in a can joke for the past few years, but it took cheating for her to leave. Prince Albert has had several illegitimate children over the years and I am guessing he cheated on her when she was in Athens last weekend and she found out and kept on going.


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