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'The Price Is Right' Announcer Falls On Stage, Keeps Announcing (Video)

The name George Gray may only be known to viewers of "The Price Is Right," but the broadcast from Jan. 15 could make him a household name.

A video (below) of the announcer taking a fall while running on a treadmill is going viral on the Web.

Host Drew Carey showed a contestant three prizes, a motorcycle, kitchen range and a treadmill, which Gray was jogging on backwards, but suddenly slipped off of, noted

After taking his tumble, Gray held onto his microphone and script. He was able to describe the prizes while laying on his back. When Gray got to the treadmill's description he stood up and added, "Aspirin not included."

According to, Carey laughed and said, "George Gray, everybody, giving his all ... Didn't miss a word. That's a pro right there buddy!"

Image Credit: CBS-TV Screenshot


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