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Preview of 'Doctor Who: Bells of Saint John Prequel' (Video)

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We’re not sure why the BBC think the Americans need different Doctor Who teasers than Britain. But they do. And this US iTunes prequel explains how the odd detective partnership of Strax, Jenny and Lady Vastra came to be.

It’s a bit silly. And feels like they might be setting them up for a spinoff series that sadly won’t be called Tipping The Scales. But you know… more Doctor Who that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise is not to be sneezed at.

Strax’s cry of “Silence boy!”  suggests that the Sontaran may well be homophobic. We know he hasn’t simply made an honest mistake that someone doing it with a lizard lady must be male as he then tries to get a threesome going. Filthy potato-headed bastard.

“Am I the man one?”


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