Mariah Carey Pregnant? "Doctor Advised Her" to Pull Out of Movie


Mariah Carey pulled out of the new Tyler Perry movie, which was set to start shooting next month. Considering how much everyone liked her performance in Precious, you would think this is something she wanted to do, and would only have pulled out for something serious. Well, according to her people, Mariah is having a medical issue.

"She is not doing the movie because her doctor advised her not to. More than that, I cannot comment further."

Hmmm. Doctor advised her not to. If you want her to be pregnant, then you could read this as: she has been having trouble getting pregnant at 41, and she finally has, and the doctors don't want to take any chances, so she needs to stay in bed except for weekly outings to buy clothes that are too tight and not age-appropriate for her. If you think she is not pregnant, then you can think that she is going to try, and the doctors don't want her to do anything stressful while trying, other than weekly outings to buy clothes that are too tight and not age-appropriate.

Or, there is the option that she just didn't want to do the film and needed an excuse.


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