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Pregnant Mistress, Newlywed Bride Caught On Video Attacking Each Other At Wedding


Video of a wedding reception gone wrong is circling around the internet today. In the video, a newly married bride is attacked and shoved to the ground by another female. For some strange reason, the other woman is wearing a wedding dress as well.

The attacking woman is apparently the groom’s pregnant mistress (You’re great at this whole marriage thing, Mr. Groom.)

On the video, the bride is heard screaming at the mistress saying “You didn't have an abortion and now you come here with your big stomach!”

The women push, shove, and scream at each other for several minutes before collapsing to the floor in apparent exhaustion. All in all, it’s quality entertainment that combines the stupidity of a Bridezillas episode with the thrill of a Jersey Shore brawl.

Check it out for yourself below:

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube


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