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'Prankvertisement' Scares Job Applicants with Fake Meteor Crash (Video)

LG Electronics in Chile recently frightened real job applicants for a television advertisement that combined marketing with a prank, which is called a "prankvertisement."

In the ad (video below), workers install LG's 82-inch Ultra HD TV into the side of a wall to make it look like a window in an office.

Later, four job applicants are interviewed as the sky in the "window" becomes darker and a meteor suddenly crashes down and destroys the city "outside."

The job applicants panic, curse and scream as they watch the city being decimated by the meteor, notes the Daily Mail.

If that wasn't enough, the lights in the office suddenly go dark, leading the hapless applicants into thinking they're about to be killed by another meteor.

The point of the prankvertisement is to show how realistic the TV picture and sound are to unsuspecting people.

Finally, the lights come back on and the LG workers reveal to the job applicants how they got suckered.

Source: Daily Mail


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