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Prankster Pretends To Pass Gas In Front Of Police (Video)

Valeriy Abramov, who has posted various prank videos on YouTube, recently pretended to pass gas in front of NYPD officers.

According to his YouTube page, Abramov was using a "pooter" toy to create the illusion that he was passing gas.

In the video (below), Abramov asks the officers where he can go to the bathroom while using the flatulence sound effect. Many of the cops tell him to go away, while some direct him to the nearest facility.

Some police officers also dropped the F-bomb on Abramov, noted The Free Thought Project (video below).

One officer yells at Abramov to leave (what appears to be) a police station.

Sources: YouTube, The Free Thought Project
Image Credit: YouTube SCreenshot


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