Prank Presents for Christmas are New Web Trend (Funny Video)


People often film their friends and family while they're opening Christmas presents, but there seems to be a new trend on the web now, "prank presents."

The idea is that you give your loved one a present that they will hate, film them on video opening it and being disappointed, then you spring the "real present," which is something they want.

A little Portuguese girl named Catarina recently got burned by her parents. who shared the video (below) for the world to see.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Catarina loves the Benfica soccer team, so her loving parents gave her a shirt of Benifica's rival team Porto.

The little girl was furious and put her hands on her hips as she gave her folks the death stare.

After an unidentified adult finished unwrapping the shirt and held it up, causing her to cry. When the tears started to flow, her parents gave her a Benfica shirt.

In another video (below), a grandpa gets 50-yard-line tickets to the Cotton Bowl game between Oklahoma State and Missouri, notes

But grandpa is in "shock" because neither of these teams is his favorite. Moments later, he says the tickets are actually for his adult son, a Missouri fan, who reacts with, "Are you sh----- me?"

Sources: and Yahoo! Sports


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