Portia De Rossi Talks About Turning 40

Though Portia De Rossi doesn't look it, she just turned 40, and she says she feels more comfortable in her skin than she's ever felt.

She opened up about her new age in an interview with LA Confidential magazine. 

"I was like, 40? Who cares? Then I woke up the next morning and I went, 'f**k, I'm 40!' All of a sudden the [birthday] party's over: What does it mean to be 40?"

"It's an interesting milestone because it does ask for a little self-reflection. It asks where you've been, are you happy with what you've done, where do you want to go, and what do you want to change?"

She said she knows she will never look how she did at 20, but that she is happy about it.

"I look different, but I'm also growing into the kind of sophisticated-looking woman that I've always wanted to be," she said.

"I used to look at women like Diane von Furstenberg and Isabella Rossellini and hope I could be elegant and sophisticated and know how to live life a little bit better and wear that kind of self-esteem."

Portia will be in the long-awaited next season of Arrested Development, reprising the role of Lindsay Bluth Funk.

Source: Daily Mail


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