Poll: Americans Trust 'Judge Judy' More Than Supreme Court Judges

In a recent poll conducted by Reader's Digest, TV jurist "Judge Judy" had a 51 percent trust level, which was much higher than that of any of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Her only competition was another TV legal personality, Judge Joe Brown at 48 percent.

According to a Reader's Digest press release, actor Tom Hanks ranked as the most trusted American male in the poll with a score of 65 percent, even though few Americans actually know anything about Hanks' personal life.

Other actors scored high on the trust poll, including Sandra Bullock (63 percent) and Denzel Washington (62 percent).

Reader's Digest teamed with the Wagner Group, a national marketing research company,
and compiled a list of more than 200 famous Americans who were voted on by 1,000 ordinary non-famous Americans.

Among the least trusted celebs: Tom Cruise (27 percent), Kristen Stewart (22 percent), Ashton Kutcher (20 percent) and singer Lady Gaga (20 percent). They weren't at the very bottom, though. Lance Armstrong (11 percent) and Kim Kardashian (8 percent) were even lower on the trust scale.

Robin Roberts, co-anchor of "Good Morning America," is the most trusted woman on television with a 56 percent vote, while Michelle Obama is the most trusted leader in America at 53 percent. Her husband, President Obama, scored a 45 percent trust rating.

The most trusted people were not celebrities, but people's personal doctors at 77 percent.

Source: Reader's Digest


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