"Teen Mom" Amber and Gary in Yet Another Domestic Dispute

I thought Gary and Amber were supposed to be on vacation, which is why the police in their town have not interviewed the couple. This is surprising news, considering the police were called out Tuesday night to Gary Shirley's house. The reason? Well, apparently Gary received a text message that Amber did not like. So, she threatened to attack him. Gary then proceeded to push Amber out of the house. Amber was only wearing her underwear at the time.

Deputies did not make any arrests, and stated that Amber told them she has been under a great deal of stress because of the other domestic violence accusations. When the local news media went to Amber's house to ask her about the latest incident, they were stopped by a private security force which guards Amber. Goodness, a private security force? Who is footing that bill? Is it MTV, or are the Teen Moms making enough dough to pay for it themselves?


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