Boing! Cops Bust Couple for Sex on Diving Board 30 Feet Up

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City officials In Gainsvile Florida probably did not envision the way a high-dive board in a city park would be used early Thursday, when they approved the motto “It Starts in Parks.” But, it did!

Last week, police in the city busted a 24-year-old man and 21-year-old woman who had broken into a public park and were having sex on a 30-FOOT-HIGH DIVING BOARD. 

Officer Michael Henavan said he heard noises coming from inside the pool area, which is surrounded by a locked, chain-link fence. Police said the couple ceased their activities when Henavan’s flashlight beam found them.

Police said it is not illegal to have sex in a public place. However, they said, state laws and city ordinances prohibit public exhibition of sex organs and use of public facilities after hours.

The city’s pool supervisor, Jeff Moffitt, said the high dive was cleaned with bleach before the pool reopened the next day.


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