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Polaroid Camera is Back; Designed by Lady Gaga of All People

The Polaroid camera is back with a 21st century spin -- it was designed by Lady Gaga in conjunction with the folks at Polaroid.

The Polaroid Z340 is actually a digital camera that instantly spits out four-inch by three-inch prints. And good news -- you don't have to shake them dry like the old cameras.

The $299 Z340 is actually a version of the more advanced GL30 that Lady Gaga unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That camera is expected to hit stores sometime in 2012.

But the most exciting and intriguing item she announced is apparently nowhere near consumer-ready: a pair of camera glasses.

All Things D describes the glasses as "the coolest element, capturing images and instantly uploading them to the device’s LCD lenses for display."

Polaroid has not said when we could be taking pictures by just looking at something, saying in a statement:

“Polaroid and Lady Gaga are looking forward to giving consumers even more ways to restore creativity to images, both digital and printed, with additional Grey Label products in the near future. As the GL20 Camera Glasses are unlike anything seen before, additional time is needed to ensure that consumers will receive a product that exceeds expectations.”

Thanks to Chip Chick for the heads up on this story


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