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Playwright Rumored To Have Broken Up Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Speaks Out

The British playwright, Polly Stenham, rumored to have come between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is speaking out about the reports.

“I’m just keeping well out of all of this," Stenham said. "No comment.”

Stenham and Pattinson were seen partying together in New York while he was still with Stewart.

However, no reports have surfaced that another woman was the reason the pair split. Earlier this month, E! News reported that Pattinson went their separate ways because of "priorities" and other issues.

“They don’t have a Twilight movie to return to; when they had those movies they fell back into why they fell in love in the first place,” a source told “It just felt right that they were a couple during the filming of those films. Imagine being on The Bachelor and not looking for love. When Kristen and Rob were filming the Twilight series, this was where they fell in love. It was like going back to a honeymoon or renewing their vows. They don’t have that now, so add that with the other stuff, and you can see why their relationship has strained."


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