Playboy Playmate: Crystal Harris "Selfish" for Leaving Hugh Hefner

What's next for Hef? Singlehood obviously, now that his fiance Crystal Harris has left him just days before they were to get married. Well for this playboy, knowing him, he probably won't be single very long (an inside source says he somehow has a way with women) go figure.

When learning of the break-up Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair told E! News,

"I'm not surprised in the least, she seemed very unhappy. It was blatantly obvious to everyone that they didn't have much in common. ...Nobody really understood it. But Hef cared for her and she made him happy, so of course everyone was going to support him."

"He deserves better, it's a selfish move to do it so suddenly. She should have been a little more adult about it and decided months ago. To put people through this five days before a wedding, I think it's horrific."

Claire is currently dating Hef's son Marston.

Check out an exclusive AmoreMagazine.com podcast interview with Claire Sinclair in October of 2010 here.


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