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Playboy New Years Party

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Ever wonder what went on at Hugh Hefner’s private Playboy New Year Party?  Well, there would be Hugh Hefner himself in attendance, probably wearing his signature silk robe and guaranteed to be surrounded by beautiful, sexy young things with huge breasts and perfect bodies and faces to take your breath away.  The lucky bastard.

I wonder if he just sits there all night, like you see in the pictures?

Also, I’ll put money on there being lots of Playboy Playmates there, and probably Playmate of the Year 2009, Hope Dworaczyk.  Man, is she ever hot!  There for sure will be tons of gorgeous, barely clad women in a attendance, all getting more tipsy as the night goes on, and therefore less inhibited ;-)

And there will be Hef’s privately invited guests—you know, the ultra-rich, the ultra-famous, the People Who Count.  That would make for an interesting evening.

Did you know you can actually attend Hef’s private Playboy New Year Party?  There is a way.  I heard there were a very limited number of tickets being sold to the public.  The trick is finding out which site that sells tickets to parties at the Playboy Mansion has those tickets.  Oh, and don’t waste your time calling Playboy, they were no help at all.


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