Gym Sets off Sirens if You Break Workout Rules


I've only heard the commercials on the radio for Planet Fitness, never been.  But according to The Inquisitr there is a "No Judgement Zone" that has a set of rules that....well, may just in fact be judgmental. Here's what they had to say:

No do-rags, no baggy jeans, no grunting, no excessively loud noise. Sound like rules for your local library? Think again.

These are a few of the rules of Planet Fitness, a gym that touts itself as the “Judgment Free Zone.” They claim that they impose these rules to keep out the “lunks“, and according to their logic, lunks are generally the source of any judging that occurs. The problem with their ruleset is that they are actually stereotyping (read judging) anyone that applies vigor to their workouts. In fact, if you break any of their rules, they set off an alarm that has a spinning light and sounds like a tornado siren so that everyone can look at you (in a nonjudging manner of course).

Do you work out at Planet Fitness?  If so, what do you think of these rules.  And have you witnessed the sounding alarm?


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