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Pippa Middleton's Boyfriend Mad Over Her Flirty Texts To Prince Harry?

Pippa Middleton's sister, Kate, has already married into royalty, but could Pippa be looking to get into the royal family as well? According to reports, Pippa has been secretly texting Prince Harry.

"Nico adores Pippa but her flirting's off the scale," a source said. "She often texts Harry with saucy jokes, suggesting they meet up. To Pippa it's just being friendly, but she told me Nico wasn't very impressed."

Pippa is currently dating Nico Jackson, but reportedly Jackson is not happy with Pippa's texts, innocent or not.

"They've had some big rows about it," the source continued. "Nico's asked her to tone it down."

Regardles of the texts, it seems that Pippa is happy with Jackson and Prince Harry is currently dating Cressida Jones and their relationship seems to be going strong.

"I'd bet on her being the one when the time comes for him to choose his princess," a source said.


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