Pippa Middleton Gun Scandal Upsets Royal Family

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When Pippa Middleton’s sister Kate Middleton married Prince William one year ago, Pippa found herself in the limelight, as well.  Whether she liked it or not. Her every move is watched and she is constantly hounded by photographers.

As a result of the life changing Royal marriage, Pippa has found herself in hot water. Partying at a wild party in Paris until 5 a.m., Middleton took a spin with three friends in a convertible on Saturday when photographers snapped the foursome. It seems innocent enough – until the driver of the car took out what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol and aimed it at the photographer. Sitting in the passenger seat, Middleton laughed.

US Magazine is reporting that her sister Kate is standing by her – although the Royals are up in arms.

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