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Kings of Leon Call Off Concert Due to Pooping Pigeons

I will have to go through the Kings Of Leon music catalog to see where they are saying bad things about pigeons. On Friday night, during a concert in St. Louis, the pigeons at Verizon Amphitheatre took out their revenge the best way they know how. Crapping all over the band.

Unlike the two opening acts, Kings Of Leon decided to bail on their fans and pack it in. They could not handle the pigeon excrement. They used the excuse that it was annoying and toxic. True and true. However, they had been warned of the pigeon problem well in advance of their show, had watched the opening acts get pummeled, but did nothing about it. Raincoats? Umbrella stands? There are about 20 things I can think of that would have allowed them to continue the show, but which they chose not to do. Instead, they lasted just three songs, and disappointed thousands and thousands of fans. I'm sure Live Nation is also not thrilled either at having to refund money.

The fans were not getting hit at all. The poop is apparently strictly for the performers.


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