Pictures: Rihanna Poses in Bra and Underwear for Armani Jeans


Considering one of the first sets of pictures we ever saw of Rihanna was her completely naked, it seems a bit pointless to have her parading around in bikinis and suchlike now. Although she does have a very exciting new haircut in these pics. It's like a bicycle helmet made out of a wet mop. Very now. En mode. Tres Chic. En stage.

On the other hand, maybe you just love Rihannathe musician and these pictures give you a chance to see the real Rihanna. The Rihanna behind the skimpy knacks. Realhanna. 

Anyway, if you're actually interested in the above pictures and haven't just skipped straight to the old naked ones, they're for Armani. They show her sexy side by making her stretch both on and in a car. Men love cars. Nothing more attractive than a woman who can be both on and in a car in the same sitting. Shows self-control.

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