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Pictures: Red Carpet Fashions at the SAG Awards

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are regarded as one of the highest honors in Hollywood, as it is your peers who choose the winners. You’d think most would dress to impress but thus far, tonight, the look is more wedding dress than anything. It is no surprise who my pick for BEST DRESSED is: KALEY CUOCO. It’s like she can never fail, except with her hair, which I’m still questioning.

Following her is a leg-baring Lea Michele, taking a cue from her recent “Candies” ad. We adore you!

As for WORST DRESSED, so far there is one clear choice: OCTAVIA SPENCER. She has a fabulous, voluptuous, curvaceous body and she covered it with a drape. No good.

And there you have it for tonight. I will update it tomorrow with some men and maybe some even more atrocious outfits. Have a great night!


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