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Pictures: Premiere of 'Parker' with Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez

The Cinema Society of New York and Film District presented a premiere screening of Taylor Hackford’s Parker last night, Wednesday January 23. The Stath and his manly muscled head and Jenny from the Block warmed up the frigid air around the Museum of Modern Art along with the director and costars Patti LuPone and Emma Booth.

Jason Statham sported a bit of a beard on his chiseled jaw to keep his face warm. JLo stayed under wraps for the most part.  I can understand leaving stick-bugs without the body fat to keep warm out of the cold, as well as sugar-mama chasing boytoys with a curfew, but where was the rest of the cast? Maybe there’s an LA premiere tonight?

Well regardless of whether or not there’s another soiree tonight, Parker opens in the US and the UK tomorrow January 25.  Are you gonna see it? Give us your yay or nay in the comments. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

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