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Pictures: Lady Gaga's Nude Photos from 'Vogue' Shoot

When Lady Gaga posed for the Japanese version of ‘Vogue’ back in June, there were several nude outtakes from the shoot that the fashion magazine decided not to include (below). However, she did appear on the cover of the magazine in a meat bikini (left).

The unpublished nude pictures suggest to some that the super-skinny Gaga may have an eating disorder, which is what Maureen Callahan said in her 2010 book about the outrageous singer: 'Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga.'

The singer’s former tour manager, David Ciemny, claimed that Gaga would gourge on unhealthy food and then stop eating for weeks to fit into her famous costumes. At one point, she reportedly lost 20 pounds between fittings and was hospitalized six times over her dieting.

Check out the photos by Vogue


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