Pictures: Lady Gaga Goes Braless in Lace Shirt

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel in London in another highly questionable and talked about fashion ensemble.

My first thought after taking a quick look at the photos was that Gaga resembled Tinker Bell, until I looked closely and realized that not only did she “forget” her bra – but she was wearing lace.  Thankfully the lace is in all the right places, but it definitely left very little to the imagination.

Gaga sported a green beehive to compliment her thick-rimmed spectacles, reminding me of the late Amy Winehouse. She also sported a pair of matching mint green skyscraper boots.

Gaga is reportedly in the United Kingdom especially to see showbiz friend Tony Bennett in concert at the Palladium. The pair joined forced to record their duet The Lady Is A Tramp.

What do you think of Gaga’s ensemble?  Love it or hate it?


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